10 SUVs With Better Fuel Economy Than the Kia Telluride

In this article, the Kia Telluride's fuel efficiency is compared to that of ten comparable SUVs.

The estimated MPG for the Kia Telluride is 20.4 in the city and 31 on the highway. The predicted MPG for the Hyundai Palisade is 20.9 in the city and 31 on the highway.

This and the Kia Telluride, another new SUV that has gained a lot of traction, are identical.

There are 10 SUVs, though, that outperform the Kia Telluride in terms of fuel efficiency if you're seeking much more sensible choices.

If you want to compare the Hyundai Palisade to the Telluride, this is a fantastic alternative.

It provides brand-new SUVs with estimated MPGs of 22 for city driving and 29 for highway driving, making it a far more sensible choice than its rival.

There are several three row SUVs that offer higher fuel economy if you're looking for superior SUVs.