Can I get a Tesla lease with no down payment?

Tesla has developed a reputation for being at the forefront of technical breakthroughs, opulent features, and

 performance when it comes to automobiles. Therefore, if you're thinking of leasing a Tesla, you might be asking if there is no deposit required.

Yes, Tesla now has leasing options that don't require any down payments at all.

 You must pass a credit check and be eligible for the manufacturer's leasing programme in order to be authorised for a no-money-down lease.

 There are mileage restrictions with this plan, so if you go over the allocated number, you could have to pay extra.

You can still lease a Tesla even if you're unable to pay the required down payment.

You can still receive the car you want without paying the entire amount up front, however your monthly payments may be greater than if you had made a down payment.