Is it smart to buy a 2023 Toyota Prius?

The Toyota Prius is generally thought to be a good buy based on how well it has done in the past and how the industry as a whole is doing.

The Toyota Prius is known for being reliable and getting good gas mileage.

This makes it a popular choice for people who care about the environment and want a practical car.

Also, the Prius has a long history of innovative technology and features, such as the hybrid powertrain and regenerative braking.

In the end, whether or not the 2023 Toyota Prius is a good buy depends on what each person wants and needs.

 It's important to do a lot of research on the car and think about things like performance, gas mileage, safety, and the overall cost of ownership.

It's also a good idea to test drive the car and get advice from a Toyota dealership or a professional.